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Barcelona is the center of nightlife and cultural life of Spain, and it is the land of famous works of Antoni Gaudí, a famous Catalan architect. A hospitable and modern city, Barcelona is known as the capital of Catalonia and is bathed by the Mediterranean Sea. In a stroll down Las Ramblas you will find La Boqueria, the first municipal market in the city and many other attractions; this is where all the buzz in the city is.








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Barcelona is the second largest city in Spain, the first one being Madrid, and it’s the largest city of the entire Mediterranean coast. It is known as the city of Catalonia, an autonomous community of Spain, and it has Spanish and Catalan as its official languages. In Barcelona, you can enjoy places like the Joan Miró Foundation, The Picasso Museum, the National Art Museum of Catalonia, among other must-see places. The city has emerged as one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. With an impressive range of architecture, from medieval Gothic to the Modernism of Antonio Gaudí, the city has lots of culture to offer to its visitors who are delighted at first sight. One of the great city monuments is the Holy Family, the unfinished Catholic church is striking for its size, beauty and detail. The best place to start breaking Barcelona is Plaza Catalunya.


Barcelona, Spain

Language: Spanish

Currency: Euro
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Barcelona International Airport El Prat
Port de Barcelona
Estación de Sants
Estación de Francia
Barcelona Nord



Where to stay in Barcelona:

Barcelona is a multicultural city: it is the place of museums, art and history, all in the midst of the beach, bars and many sights. When staying just a few days in the city, the golden rule is to stay in the downtown area. The most famous avenue of the city, Las Ramblas, divides the Gothic neighborhood and the Raval and it is close to all downtown sights. The Ciutat Vella is basically the Old Town, and it is divided into several areas: the Gothic Quarter, El Born, La Ribera, Sant Pere and La Rambla. If you are staying in this area, you will only need to take public transportation to get to the Holy Family, Park Güell and the Montjuic. Barceloneta is the beach neighborhood, which is where a mix of local families and tourists lies. In the restaurant of this area you will find some of the best seafood and paella in town. All city districts are served by metro and bus, making it easy to reach any place in town.


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Getting around in Barcelona:

The city of Barcelona has a good transportation system of subways, buses, taxis, trains, and bike rentals/shares; it is very easy to get around the city. It is advised to use public transport to get to the more distant places, like Park Güell. The subway is the best choice of transportation around the city.


Taxi is a fast and comfortable option of getting around town. Barcelona has a fleet of about 11,000 cars, including the ones suitable for people with reduced mobility.

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    Besides the meter, you may be charged a 1.00 euro fee per bag.


The subway system is quite large, with 113 km long, 11 lines and 148 stations. This is probably the best means of transport to get around the city: besides being fairly new, it is also clean and reaches major sights of the city.

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    It is recommended to buy the T-10 ticket, which allows you 10 subway, train or bus rides, and it can be used by more than one person. The T-10 ticket costs 9.95 euros.


Trains in Barcelona are large and modern, they are connected to the subway line and they are prepared to carry passengers with luggage. The train system has 5 lines that run to several parts of the city.

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    It is recommended to buy the T-10 ticket, which allows you 10 subway, train or bus rides, and it can be used by more than one person. The T-10 ticket costs 9.95 euros.


Aerobus is as express shuttle that leaves from both terminals (T1 and T2) at the El Prat airport, every 5 to 20 minutes. It takes people from the airport to downtown, Plaza de Catalunya, and the hotel area of Las Ramblas district.

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    The round trip ticket costs around 10.20 euros, and it should be used within 9 days.


Travel by bus in Barcelona is another good option, as it is clean and it has air conditioning. The bus system connect the entire city and it has a fleet of more than a thousand vehicles, all adapted for wheelchairs and strollers. Some bus stops have a dashboard that shows the estimated time until the arrival of the next bus.

Price: EUR 2.15   Convert to   = 0.00
    It is recommended to buy the T-10 ticket, which allows you 10 subway, train or bus rides, and it can be used by more than one person. The T-10 ticket costs 9.95 euros.



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Weather in Barcelona:

One of the things that draws tourists to Barcelona is its climate which is very pleasant throughout the year, with plenty of sunshine and little rainfall. The climate in Barcelona is the Mediterranean one; summer can be very hot, with temperatures between 21°C (70°F) and 30°C (85°F). The winter is milder, with an average minimum temperature of 4,4°C (40°F) in January. In spite of seasons being well marked, the temperatures do not vary much, which makes the city a nice place to visit all year round.



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