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A charming town in the hills, Gramado is a small and harmonious nook in southern Brazil. The town emerged as a hideout for the cattle drivers, and over the years it became a tourism destination.








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Gramado has the best tourist infrastructure of the State of Rio Grande do Sul, it is now the main tourist destination of the State and the fourth one in Brazil. With an economy geared towards tourism, the town of just over 33,000 inhabitants is located in Serra Gaúcha area and every year it gets about 2.5 million visitors. Gramado offers activities and sights for everyone: for couples, the main activities are romantic candlelight dinners, paddle boat ride on Rio Negro (Lake Negro), and a tour through the woods and waterfalls of nearby town, Canela; if you have children traveling with you, theme parks - especially Santa's Village and Mini World – will rule your schedule for sure. Entertain the idea of visiting the town of Canela, a neighboring town about 7km away, which is also the destination of many visitors. The two cities are connected by an Avenue, known as Hortências (Hydrangeas).


Gramado, Brazil

Language: Portuguese

Currency: Brazilian Real
1.00 (one) BRL in  = 0,00


How to get to Gramado:

Salgado Filho International Airport
Gramado Bus Station



Where to stay in Gramado:

Among hotels and inns in Gramado, there are over a hundred of places offering accommodations. You may find from simple and comfortable hotels to the most luxurious and sophisticated ones. Hostels, cottages and cabins are also available in their various structures and prices. Tourists may choose to stay at small downtown (centrinho) of Gramado, as they may prefer to stay on the banks of the charming Black Lake, near the Yellow Ipe neighborhood, for example. There is still the option of staying in the nearby town, Canela, and sightseeing in Gramado. In high season, especially around Christmas, the rates of Gramado may be three times higher.


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Getting around in Gramado:

Everything is very, very close in Gramado. Most tourists choose to rent a car, take a taxi or even walk around town, enjoying the beautiful landscape. Riding the bus may also be an option; however the local lines only travel through downtown Gramado and the nearby neighborhoods, not travelling greater distances.


Taxis in Gramado are red and they’re also a great option for those who did not rent a car or did not drive to the city. They may run on settled fares if it is agreed in the Taxi Agency, or they’re billed by rates (called bandeira). The rate states your travel distance fare, which may be worth it for tourists when it comes to money, and it is set by a meter located on the car’s dashboard. Rides within the city, from Monday to Saturday, from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm, are usually flagged as rate 1 (bandeira 1), other hours, as well as Sunday and holidays are flagged as rate 2 (bandeira 2). Tours and longer travels follow listed prices.

    Rates are charged according to the distance travelled. Those rates are duly presented on the meter located on the car’s dashboard, or according to the fare settled with the taxi driver. Payments are usually in cash or debit card. All vehicles have a list of fares on the dashboard, ensuring clear services.


Surely bus is the cheapest way of travelling between downtown Gramado to downtown Canela. Shuttle buses goes through the Avenue between Gramado and Canela, where you can get off near some sights and museums. To go to sights off the shuttle bus route you will have to rent a car or catch a taxi.

Price: BRL 2.00   Convert to   = 0.00
    Rates are set by travel and must be paid in cash.



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Weather in Gramado:

The city has very low temperatures in July, August, and September, months of constant fog and frost. Sometimes the fall season and winter season also report snowfall, providing a beautiful show of the nature and reaching below-zero temperatures.



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