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Cosmopolitan, modern and exotic, Istanbul is the only city in the world that occupies two continents, Europe and Asia. There are many mosques and bazaars to visit and the famous Turkish bath.








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Istanbul, the ancient Byzantium and Constantinople, is the largest city in Turkey, the fifth largest in the world, rivaling London as the most populous in Europe. The vast majority of the population is Muslim, but there are also large numbers of laymen and a minority of Christians and Jews. During the Ottoman period, the Turks called it Istanbul, the name officially adopted on March 28, 1930. Today, although the capital of the country is Ankara, Istanbul remains the main industrial, commercial, cultural and university hub of the country. The city occupies both banks of the Bosphorus Strait and the north of the Marmara Sea, which separates Asia from Europe in a north-south direction, a situation that makes Istanbul the only city on two continents. Some historic areas of the European part of Istanbul were declared World Heritage by UNESCO in 1985. In 2010, the city was the European Capital of Culture. Due to its size and importance, Istanbul is considered a megacity and a global city.


Istanbul, Turkey

Language: Turkish

Currency: Turkish Lira
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Ataturk Airport
Sabiha Gokcen International Airport
Estação Sirkeci


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Where to stay in Istanbul:

Istanbul offers several lodging options for all types of tourists, from luxury to smaller bed and breakfast-style hotels. The best regions to stay in Istanbul are the neighborhoods of Beyoglu and the region of Sultanahmet, where most of the major attractions of the city are located. The neighborhood of Nevizade is a nice option for those who seek for nightlife, because there you will find several bars, live music, restaurants and much more.


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Getting around in Istanbul:

The city of Istanbul has a complete public transport system. The city's transport is made by subways, trams, train, bus, funicular and ferry boats. Because city traffic is often slow, walking around the city is also one of the most enjoyable ways to explore the metropolis.


The city's trams usually crowded at peak times. They are not spacious like a subway car and are usually full, but it is a good option for those who do not mind traveling with little comfort. It is a great option to get around the city in order to visit the main sights.

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    Using the Istanbulkart (a prepaid card), the first ticket of your travel costs 1.95 TL, the second one (in case you need a connection) costs 1.35 TL. The card has a fixed price of 7.00 TL and is sold at kiosks near some stations.
The funicular is a small underground train line that carries passengers between Taksim Square and Kabataş. The funicular moves diagonally and connects the lower part of the city to the upper part. It is also possible to use Istanbulkart.

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Taxis in Istanbul are yellow and have a sign on it that says "Taksi", which means taxi in Turkish. Getting a taxi in Instanbul demands that you pay a lot of attention to the drivers around the tourist areas especially, because they have a reputation of scamming tourists. Riding a taxi is not something extremely expensive, the problem is that you can get stuck in a traffic jam, since some areas of Istanbul are chaotic.

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The subway lines of Istanbul reach the most distant parts of the city. The subway is not much used by tourists as it does not cover the tourist areas of Sultanahmet and nearby areas. It has only one line linking the Taksim neighborhood to the 4.Levent neighborhood.

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Bus is not a public transportation highly recommended to tourists, unless you want to go to a particular distant neighborhood. It is also good to avoid them in rush hours, because it is always crowded at this time.

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Weather in Istanbul:

Istanbul has a transitional climate between the humid subtropical and the Mediterranean. The climate of Istanbul is characterized by long, hot and humid summers, the months of June to September have average maximum daytime temperatures of 28 °C and the city is less crowded. Winters are cold, rainy, with snowfall. Average temperatures during the winter months range from 3 °C to 8 °C. Autumn and spring are temperate and often humid, with hot and cold days. Istanbul tends to be windy, with the average wind speed of 18 km / h.



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