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Los Angeles is the second most populous US city and entertainment capital. It became world famous for cinema and Oscar award, but LA has shown that goes far beyond Hollywood. Here you will find theme parks, museums and concerts, rich nightlife and beautiful beaches. Come to Los Angeles, an unequalled city and the land of dreams!








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Huge and fascinating city, the largest metropolis in California, LA is a city with attractions and activities for various tastes and ages. The City of Angels has a relaxed atmosphere with over 120km of Californian beaches, thousands of dining options of different nationalities, not to mention the museums, gourmet markets, hip nightlife, the untold possibilities for shopping, themed amusement parks and movie studios. Los Angeles is a city that has many faces and distinct neighborhoods, is a city with so much going on that you'll want to explore it to the fullest.


Los Angeles
Los Angeles, United States of America

Language: English

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Los Angeles International Airport
Union Station
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Where to stay in Los Angeles:

If your goal is to enjoy much more beach than town, choose the region of Santa Monica to stay. Hollywood, the most touristic area of the city, is also a great option. Another place that is a little expensive, but beautiful and worth is the region of Beverly Hills or West Hollywood. In that area are concentrated the most luxury hotels in the city, however, there are worthwhile hotel options at an affordable price.


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Getting around in Los Angeles:

Public transport system in Los Angeles is represented by subway and bus, it is efficient and leads to almost all spots of the city, including the tourist attractions. But as the attractions are totally spread around the city, the ideal is that you rent a car and have the freedom to visit all the places that you're interested in. Taxi, although exists, is inadvisable for long distances and the traffic on the roads makes the journey very expensive.


Rent a car in Los Angeles is essential to get to know all the sights and have the freedom to enjoy your trip to the full. As the city's attractions are well spaced apart, a car will make all the difference.

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    The rental of a compact model, that accommodates five people and up to four bags, can be found for less than US$ 300 a week. The most important tip is to rent as early as possible. The sooner you make the reservation of your car, the cheaper will pay. Be sure to make the basic insurance, which covers car crashes and cases if the car is stolen.
There are two types of buses: the Dash and the Metro Rapid. The Dash is a very good option to run a particular region paying little, while the Metro Rapid goes to all parts of the city and is good for those who want to cross from one side to the other, or where the Dash is not avilable.

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    1 passage in the Dash costs US$ 0.50 and in the Metro Rapid is US$ 1.75. Another option is to get the TAP card, which costs US $ 2. You only recharge the card when you want - directly with the driver or on the Metro website (www.metro.net), which also allows you to create walking routes. Please note: always have the exact money for a ticket, money is placed in a machine and no change is given.


The Los Angeles metro has about 80 stations linking the regions of Culver City, Pasadena, Hollywood, Long Beach, Redondo Beach, Koreatown, East Los Angeles and Norwalk city center. All subway lines run daily from 5 am to midnight and on weekends until 2 am.

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    The same TAP card used on the bus serves on the subway, the value of one ticket is US$ 1.75. A good idea to use the Metro Day Pass for US$ 7 (+ US$ 1 if you do not have the TAP card yet), valid 24 hours for you to make as many trips as you want during the day.


Another option for getting around the area is to rent a bike and explore the Santa Monica coastline, for example. The tracks are scattered throughout the city. The buses have racks for bikes, so you can do a combination of transport and visit more places.

Price: USD 20.00   Convert to   = 0.00
    Rent a bike for two hours costs around US$ 20. Tip: the price is more affordable to rent for 1 day (US$ 30).


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Weather in Los Angeles:

The climate of LA is commonly described as "perfect" and for a very good reason. Most days are sunny and warm with gentle ocean breezes in the summer. The humidity is low with little rain. So there is no bad time to go to Los Angeles, but the best season to visit the city is in the summer, from mid June to August. If you want to escape the high prices and too many people, we suggest going during the period from March to early May, in the spring, or from September to November, in the fall. If you plan to ski, travel between December and February.



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