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A magical city with beautiful tropical beaches, Miami is the most Latin city of North America. With large shopping malls, it is a favorite destination for shopping.








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Miami was formerly seen as an unwanted swampy area, full of mosquitoes and alligators, but it has become one of the largest American cities. Today, Miami is known as a major tourist hub that blends American modernity with the joy of Latinos, the majority of Miami's population. In 1959, many Cubans sought refuge in Miami, increasing the population even more. Nowadays, Miami has over 5 million inhabitants. Travelling to Miami is not just about shopping, what makes Miami so fascinating is the diversity of the place. You can ride through the streets and get to know the architecture of the high and modern buildings of Downtown, visit museums and art galleries. A tip is to visit the Wynwood Walls, which is a kind of open air museum. There are also parks, golf courses, and in Miami Beach you will find the most beautiful beaches.


Miami, United States of America

Language: English

Currency: Dollar
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How to get to Miami:

Aeroporto Internacional de Miami
Fort Lauderdale
Port of Miami - Dodge Island
Amtrak Station MIA



Where to stay in Miami:

Miami offers plenty of places to stay, from those who love beaches to those who like to live in the city. Hotels near the beaches are the pricey ones, the more distant to the beach the hotel is, the more affordable it is.


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Getting around in Miami:

With the growth of tourists every year, the city of Miami invests more and more in transportation. The rental car is still one of the most popular options, but parking prices can make it more expensive. In South Beach, taxi is the best option because the sights are very close to each other.


Bus provides ease for tourists, as it has several lines connecting the different means of transport across the city.

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    Ticket prices may vary from $2.25 to $25.00.


The Metrorail does not cover the entire city of Miami. It has only 23 stations, and it is widely used by tourists as it reaches places like the Miami International Airport.

Price: USD 2.00   Convert to   = 0.00
    You can use an Easy Card/Easy Ticket that's charged according to the number of the tickets you will need for your trips.


Metromover is a modern means of transport (electric vehicle) and for being so different, it became a sight of the city. Its stations are located in Downtown Miami and Brickell.

Trolley (cable car) is similar to a tram, and it looks like a bus. The Trolley has six different routes which are usually short.

    The Trolley ride is free and it's great for short trips or even to go to a Metrorail station or bus stop.
Taxis in Miami using meter and have reasonable prices. They are an alternative of transport for those who do not rent cars.

Price: USD 6.90   Convert to   = 0.00
    Every 1.6 km travelled it costs $ 2.40. Every minute of stop time it costs $0.40.
Upon leaving the airport there is a fee of $ 2.50.


For those who want to cover shorter distances in Miami, it's worth trying the 24 hours bicycle rental.

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    Bike rentals cost $4.00 for every 30 minutes or $24.00 for a 24 hours period of time.


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Weather in Miami:

Miami has a tropical climate with high temperatures in the months of April, May, June, July, August, and September. This is the perfect place for those looking for sun, sea and beautiful paradisiacal beaches.



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