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Salvador was the first capital of Brazil. It is well known for its music, cuisine, and architecture. This city is a cutural heritage, with its truly charming nature making the city one of the most visited tourist destinations throughout Brazil.








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A mix of ethnicities, religions, and cultures culminated in the capital that best expresses the Brazilian miscegenation: the city of Salvador. The capital of Bahia, which was the first capital of the country and held this title for over 200 years, brings together the present and the past in perfect harmony. The colorful Pelourinho, a historic district that was named one of UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the beautiful old churches of Salvador prove its title of one of the cradles of Brazilian culture. Salvador is also notable as a place of European and African culture mix, and you can easily see the influence of the African one in music and local cuisine. For those who love Carnival, this is the best place to celebrate the most famous holiday in the country, with several bands on a float that are followed by numerous Carnival revelers. In addition to that, the city has about 50 kilometres of beautiful beaches, with festivals and cultural traditions which complete the options for...


Salvador, Brazil

Language: Portuguese

Currency: Brazilian Real
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How to get to Salvador:

O Aeroporto Internacional Deputado Luis Eduardo Magalhães
Terminal Rodoviário Armando Viana de Castro



Where to stay in Salvador:

Salvador offers several lodging options to suit the preferences of tourists: whether you would like to be surrounded by beach life in the new luxury hotels or you would like to enjoy more old-fashioned hotels and inns with wooden interiors and decorated façades, as in the area of Pelourinho, Carmo and Santo Antonio. During Carnaval, the most common choices are hotels located in the Barra area, as this is one of the parade routes.


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Getting around in Salvador:

There are several transportation options available in Salvador, including taxis, buses, subway, and rental cars. The city is well connected by buses lines and ticket prices are quite affordable. Taxi fares can be very expensive if you plan to travel for a long distance. The old downtown area can be easily explored on foot. To get around between the Upper Town (Pelourinho) and the Lesser Town (Beaches and trade) take the Lacerda Elevator.


Travel around Salvador by bus is easy, especially if you want to go to any tourist sight. This option of public transport is reasonable and the city is well served by buses lines.

Price: BRL 3.00   Convert to   = 0.00
    1 ticket ride: R$3.00


Taxi rides in Salvador are not cheap, but they’re a good option when you go out at night, since it’s a safer one. In general, few taxi drivers will use the meter, so bargaining is common on most trips.

Price: BRL 12.00   Convert to   = 0.00
    It's about R$12.00 for a 10 minutes ride.


Renting a car may be a good idea if you plan to visit the beaches in the northern part of the coast of Bahia. If you plan to drive in Salvador, it is good to know that the traffic jam during peak hours can delay the tours. Remember that in the Pelourinho area you cannot drive a car in most of the streets: you need to leave your car outside this area and walk there.

Price: BRL 110.00   Convert to   = 0.00
    Basic car: R$110.00 to R$140.00 per day, plus fuel.


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Weather in Salvador:

The climate of Salvador is typically tropical humid, with wet conditions all year round. The sun shines almost all year in Salvador, and in the summer (December to February), the average temperature is 27°C (80°F). The rainy season is from April to July and the peak season is from December to the end of Carnival. The New Year's Eve is another time when the city welcomes lots of tourists.



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