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Framed by the Andes , Santiago owns a unique beauty , and offers many attractions and interesting sights, this next major tourist areas of the country , such as the Atacama Desert , Pucon , coastal regions, Valle Nevado and many others.








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Santiago is the capital and largest city of Chile , the third Latin American city with better quality of life . Most tourists visiting the parents go through Santiago , attracted by its European airs , museums , palaces , parks , plazas, gazebos , bustling nightlife , restaurants and shopping centers. Most of these attractions this centrally located , with easy access by public transport . In addition, a modern urban transport service, Metrotren , connects the city the most important and traditional wineries in Chile , in the valleys of Maipo and Aconcagua . Among the most famous stand Concha y Toro , Santa Rita and Undurraga . Its location is also quick access to the ski resorts in the Andes .


Santiago, Chile

Language: Spanish

Currency: Chilean peso
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How to get to Santiago:

Comodoro Arturo Merino Benítez International Airport
Santiago Bus Terminal



Where to stay in Santiago:

In Santiago there are options for lodging for everyone as the center and the districts of " Las Condes " , " Providencia " , " Valle Nevado " and " Paris- London " have great hotels . All these districts have cultural and tourist sites activities , and are close to parks , restaurants, museums , universities and historical monuments. The main bars are in the neighborhood of " Bellavista " easily accessible. The capital is also about 1:30 hour drive from Valle Nevado , which is the busiest ski resort in Latin Americ.


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Getting around in Santiago:

Santiago has an efficient transportation system for tourists who want to know the main sights of the city.The taxis are the main means of transport , are cheap and easy to find. The subway is more recommended for those who will get around the shaft " Center " - " Lastarria " - " Bellavista " - " Providencia " - " El Golf" . Buses are divided into main lines that travel the main avenues and smaller lines leading into the main lines . Arriving at the international airport you can move to the center by taxi 24 hours, or use the " Tur -Bus " that runs from 6:15 a.m. to 00.00 .


Santiago has two types of taxis : - The taxi which can be found on the streets or in collective spots in the city is the most economical and affordable . - The cab which can be found in hotels is the executive type and the cost is higher . It is recommended to always ask the fare before starting . In addition to being the safest means of transportation at night, it has the advantage of running 24 hours.

    The taxi ride from value depends directly on the distance , it is recommended to understand the route the taxi can make to the destination in order to avoid extra costs.


The metro has 05 main lines , operating primarily in the northern directions, south, east and west. It's a great option for getting around the main neighborhoods , as the red and green lines , concentrate the main stations . To know the neighborhoods " Bellavista " , " Plaza de Armas " and " San Cristobal " - you need to walk a few blocks to the stations . To use the metro and buses is useful to buy the card called " Tarjeta Bip " you supplies based on usage . The metro opening hours are : - 6:00 a.m. to 23:00 on weekdays . - On Saturdays opens 6:30 am and runs until 23:00 . - Sundays and holidays the trains run from 8:00 until 22:30 pm.

Price: CLP 720.00   Convert to   = 0.00
    To get around the metro card is required " Tarjeta Bip " , is for sale in metro stations . The minimum minimum load value is 1000 Chilean pesos


The metropolitan transport system, called Transantiago, allows the use of city buses. The city is divided into zones, delimited and defined by a color and letter, identifying the corresponding bus each zone.The bus each zone take passengers close to the subway and avenues where they can hop on bus routes with larger, white color with green, crossing several zones through the main streets of the city.
It is important to plan your trip, paying attention to the color and in the area of ​​the letter, both of origin and of destination. In addition, the bus lines are divided in 07:
 - "Alsace", "express", "Metbus" "Redbus", "PBS", "Subus" and "Vule".

Price: CLP 640.00   Convert to   = 0.00
    To get around by bus, you need card "Tarjeta Bip". For this card can be found in the "BIP centers" and the Metro stations. The minimum load is 1,000 Chilean Pesos.
For use is authorized the transfer in two seasons in a maximum of 02 hours.



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Weather in Santiago:

Santiago is located approximately 500 meters above sea level and is at the feet of the " Andes " . The climate is similar to the Mediterranean and has long , dry summers , from November to March , with maximum temperature 29-35 degrees and a low of 13 degrees and rainy winters , from June to August , with maximum temperature of 16 degrees and a low of - 2 degrees. If the purpose of the trip is skiing is highly recommended to go between June and August.



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