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Named after the French king, the greatest feature of San Luis is the Portuguese tiles from grand houses that draw visitors’ attention at the huge Old Town. Beaches, lagoon, restaurants and museums complete the list of the most visited sights in the city.








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More about São Luis:

Historically, many countries have tried to colonize São Luis. The city was founded by the French in 1612, invaded by the Dutch and then conquered by the Portuguese. São Luis keeps in its center one of the largest Historic Heritage of Brazil. Besides history, the city preserves cultures and traditions, such as Bumba-Meu-Boi, folk representation that combines theater, music and dance, which draws people from all over the world to participate in the colorful festival that takes over the streets in June and July. The city also has a modern and luxurious aspect. The new area of the capital of Maranhão is just across the Rio Anil (Anil River) and it is linked to the old one by the bridge José Sarney. There are skyscrapers, shopping malls, fancy restaurants that serve local dishes such as rice-de-cuxá, and bars around the charming Lagoa da Jansen.


São Luis
São Luis, Brazil

Language: Portuguese

Currency: Brazilian Real
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How to get to São Luis:

Aeroporto Internacional de São Luís
Terminal Rodoviário de São Luís



Where to stay in São Luis:

No matter how many days you visit the city, you need to know exactly where to stay in São Luis. This way you avoid trouble and enjoy the most of the capital of Maranhão. In addition to historic buildings and beaches, São Luis also has a pond. It is there, in the Jansen Lagoon, where some of the best bars and restaurants of the capital of Maranhão are. If you like nightlife, this is a good area to stay as it is also close to the beaches and you can hike at the waterfront of the pond. Other lodging options that are next to the beach are Praia do Calhau and Praia de Ponta de Areia. As for the center of São Luis, besides being huge it is also one of the greatest Cultural Heritage of Brazil, though it is not well maintained. Some areas give a great sense of unsafeness, and some of them really are unsafe, especially at dusk. Although there are good hotels in that area of town, this is not the best place for tourists.


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Getting around in São Luis:

Although transit in the city is confusing and intense, the best way to get around São Luis is by car. This way you can see all the sights of the city, avoiding crowded buses, and you can also visit the nearby towns. Most hotels and restaurants are located in the neighborhoods of Ponta D'Areia, Renaissance I and II and Calhau, and are linked by the Avenida dos Holandeses. To explore the Old Town, just cross the bridge José Sarney, once there, walk on foot. Remember that on Mondays most of the sights are closed, as they are on Sundays when the trade does not open, and there is few people walking around.


Although taxis are not the most popular option to use to move around São Luis, they work like in most Brazilian cities. The car is all white, and it can be picked up at a specific taxi stand or you can catch an available one while they move around the city.

    The starting rate, that is, the fare shown on the meter when it starts running is R$3.50. Rides flagged as rate 1 (bandeira 1) are R$2.50/km, and rides flagged as rate 2 (bandeira 2, night time) are R$2.90/km.


The city has five integration terminus (Praia Grande, São Cristovão, Cohab/Cohatrac, Cohama and Distrito Industrial) that allow passengers to go through the whole metropolitan area by bus paying for just a single ticket. The SIT’s (Integrated Transport System of São Luis) bus network is based on two kinds of lines: the ones that connect the neighborhood to the terminus and the ones that connects the terminus to downtown or even another terminus.

Price: BRL 2.00   Convert to   = 0.00
    The ticket must be paid in cash.



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Weather in São Luis:

The climate of the town is hot and humid tropical. The temperature in most of the year is between 21°C (70°F) and 27°C (80°F), and the maximum ranges from 27°C (80°F) and 34°C (93°F). São Luis has two distinct periods: a rainy one, from January to July, and a dry one, from August to December.



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