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São Paulo, once called the "Land of Drizzle", is currently the large cosmopolitan metropolis in Brazil and it's considered its cultural hub. It is the most influential Brazilian city on the global stage.








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More about São Paulo:

São Paulo is the main financial, corporate and commercial center of South America, and it is the most populous city in Brazil. It is also the most influential Brazilian city in the global stage, and it is considered the 14th most globalized city on the planet. The city is known worldwide, and influences greatly the national and international culture, economy, and policy. It has important monuments, parks and museums such as the Latin American Memorial, the Portuguese Language Museum (temporarily closed for reconstruction), the Ipiranga Museum (temporarily closed for restoration), MASP, the Ibirapuera Park, the São Paulo Botanical Garden, and the Paulista Avenue, as well as high-profile events such as the International Art Biennial, the Brazil Grand Prix Formula 1, the São Paulo Fashion Week, and São Paulo Indy 300. São Paulo is the seventh most populous city in the planet and its metropolitan area, with about 20 million inhabitants, is the eighth largest city in the world.


São Paulo
São Paulo, Brazil

Language: Portuguese

Currency: Brazilian Real
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How to get to São Paulo:

Aeroporto Internacional de Guarulhos
Aeroporto de Congonhas
Aeroporto Internacional de Viracopos
Terminal Rodoviário do Tiete



Where to stay in São Paulo:

São Paulo is a huge city with many interesting neighborhoods for lodging, and you may get to the most important places of the city quickly just by taking the subway. The streets parallel to Avenida Paulista and Avenida Consolação are one of the best places to stay in São Paulo. Staying there you will be close to the most important museum of the city, MASP (São Paulo Museum of Art), besides being close to bars, restaurants, night clubs and the famous shops of São Paulo. Hotels options are endless and the price range vary greatly, off-season rates are usually significantly lower.


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Getting around in São Paulo:

São Paulo is a huge city and to get around it you will need to use public transport or rent a car. The best option to get around is the subway because it's safe and fast, and although it doesn't cover much of the city yet, you have the option of bus and train integration in some stations.


Due to the immense number of taxis available in the streets, this is a quick and practical way to get around the city. Whenever you need a taxi, you will get one as there are about 33.000 registered vehicles in the city.

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In São Paulo, all bus lines are operated by private companies under the management of São Paulo Transporte SA - SPTrans. There are 15,000 well maintained and clean vehicles, operating in over 1,300 lines.

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Although São Paulo is the city with the biggest subway system in Brazil, this means of transport does not take you everywhere in the city. There are five subway lines: the blue one (line 1), the green one (line 2), the red one (line 3), the yellow one (line 4), and the purple one (line 5), with a total of 55 stations. They are integrated with the train lines (CPTM).

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CPTM trains are mostly used by those who want to travel to the neighboring cities. Just like the subway and bus, it is not recommended to use it during rush hours.

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Uber is an on-demand car service that allows you to request a private driver through an app on Android and iOS devices. The service sends you the closest driver.

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    A Uber run costs R$ 0.40 per minute or R$ 2.42 per km.


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Weather in São Paulo:

The climate of São Paulo is considered humid subtropical, characterized by summer showers and average annual temperature between 19°C (66.2°F) and 27°C (80.6°F). You can see and feel all season in a single day in São Paulo. Winters are mild and summers have moderately high temperatures, which are increased by the effect of pollution and the high number of buildings. In the fall, the temperature is mild, averaging around 23°C (73.4°F). In the spring, days are very hot and dry. The hottest month is February with an average temperature of 22.7°C (72.86°F), and the coldest one is July with an avarage temperature of 16.1°C (60.98°F)



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