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Sydney is known for being vibrant, dynamic, multicultural, free and accessible. Besides the cultural and artistic wealth, the city stands out for having easy access to approximately 40 beaches, wide variety of entertainment and restaurants to suit all tastes.








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Sydney is the capital of the main state in Australia, New South Wales. It is among the cities with the best quality of life in the world and is considered the economic hub of Australia. In addition, this infrastructure is excellent as with the use of a single transport ticket you can visit the main cultural attractions, such as: Sydney Tower, Opera House, Rocks Neighborhood and the Sydney Aquarium.
In Sydney, in addition to the wealth culture, you can enjoy a diverse cuisine to please every tourist in various parts of the city.
The neighborhoods of Paddington and Surry Hills stand out for access to fashion designers clothing stores and Municipal Markets Paddington and Paddy's Heymarket. The first offers brands of shops, pubs and art galleries, the second provides food, clothing and crafts with cheaper prices.


Sydney, Australia

Language: English

Currency: Australian Dolar
1.00 (one) AUD in  = 0,00


How to get to Sydney:

Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport



Where to stay in Sydney:

In the center is where are concentrated the main sights of Sydney, museums, bars, restaurants and also schools and universities, why attract many of the students who live in the largest city in Australia. From here you can do just about everything on foot, with easy access to all means of public transport.
The largest selection of hotels in Sydney is in this region, being one of the best locations in the city.
The Rocks is also part of central Sydney, but is even more valued by tourists because it is very close to the Opera House and Harbour Bridge, including hotels that offer privileged views to these attractions.
When tourists looking for a more exciting nightlife Kings Cross is the district which concentrates the nightlife of Sydney, so the large number of hostels in the region. Here you will find excellent restaurants, bars, pubs and nightclubs. If your intention is to actually fall in the club, stick around is by far the best option
Apart from hotels present in the area of ​​the city, there are still more distant, which are located in the main beaches: Bondi, Manly and Coogee.


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Getting around in Sydney:

Sydney has a great subway/train system, starting with transportation from Airport to the main city. Buses are good for city tour, since Sydney has dedicated tracks in order to avoid city traffic in downtown and take you to remote locations. Sydney has one different transportation that calls FerryBoat and is useful to know all city in a different point of view. Also, public transport has option to people obtain a combined ticket if needs use bus and train/subway.


Sydney has two train kind services:
- Sydney Trains Network: this line has 08 main lines that has 178 stations into all Sydney city.
- Intercity Trains Network: this line has 05 main lines that has 164 stations and takes to principal beaches and cities around Sydney (Newcastle, Dungog, Kiama and Bomaderry).
Train is the main transport to travel, since is clean, reaches great sights of the city, beaches and cities around Sydney.
Trains operate within 05:00 a.m. and 00:00 a.m.

Price: AUD 4.40   Convert to   = 0.00
    The train ticket is calculated according the journey requested and if is an adult, child, student or pensioner. After choose the journey, its possible do obtain a Multi DayPass or Multi Weekly. It's possible to obtain tickets by internet with debit cards, self buy them in machines into train stations or buy directly with attendants.


Bus transportation in Sydney has approx. 2 thousand bus operating into transportation from suburb to downtown and touristic points.
It's possible to pick up bus in two principals stations (Wynyard and Circular Quay) or on respectives routes.
Generally in main routes, bus operates within 06:00 a.m. to 07:00 p.m.

Price: AUD 2.40   Convert to   = 0.00
    Depends directly the journey or section.
For short journeys (1-2 sections) can be considered approx. AU$ 2,40 (adult).
For medium journeys (3-5 sections) (Suburb to downtown) can be considered approx. AU$ 3,80 (Adult).
For long journeys (6+ sections) can be considered approx. AU$ 4,70 (Adult).
It's possible you pay for the ticket on the bus, but you can have Opal Card or My bus Ticket and add credits on them in order to travel around the city.


The light rail links Central Station with popular locations in Sydney’s inner west, including Chinatown, Darling Harbour, The Star entertainment complex, the Sydney Fish Market, and the suburbs of Glebe, Rozelle, Lilyfield and Dulwich Hill.
Light rail has two zones of operation and has 23 stations:
- Zone 01 Central to Convention (Darling Harbour).
- Zone 02 Pyrmont Bay to Dulwich Hill.

Price: AUD 3.80   Convert to   = 0.00
    The value depends of the zone and if is a single travel or will have the return.
Considering na adult the transport:
- Single way and one zone: AU$ 3,80.
- Single way and two zones: AU$ 4,80.
- Return and one zone: AU$ 5,20.
- Return and two zones: AU$ 6,40.
Single, return, day pass and weekly tickets can be purchased from the customer service officer on board. Customer service officers accept cash only. There are no facilities for credit card at light rail stops or on board.


Ferry Boat it's one exclusive transportation from Sydney City that it's useful to travel around the city, visit touristic points, know Sydney Port and have a different point of view from the city.
Ferry boat departs from Sydney port at Circular Quay.

Price: AUD 6.20   Convert to   = 0.00
    The value depends of the Ferry and if is a single travel or will have the return.
Considering na adult the transport:
- Single way and MyFerry1: AU$ 6,20.
- Single way and MyFerry2: AU$ 7,60.
- Return and MyFerry1: AU$ 12,40.
- Return and MyFerry2: AU$ 15,20.
Sydney Ferries ticket offices at Circular Quay and Manly.
Ticket vending machines at Circular Quay, Manly and Darling Harbour.
If you board at wharves other than Manly or Circular Quay, tickets can be bought or validated on board the ferry.
Some newsagencies and convenience stores, particularly those located close to ferry wharves also sell tickets.


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Weather in Sydney:

One of the main attractions of Sydney is its climate, as throughout the year, on average, 340 days are sunny. The climate is Mediterranean style and temperatures can range from 29 C (January) in the summer to 7 ° C in winter (July). If you want to enjoy the beaches and the warm climate it is recommended to travel between the months of September and March (spring and summer).



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